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Neuroscience/Pharmacology PhD Student. All my money is spent on gigs band merch and travelling/hotels for gigs. Or tattoos, vans and converse. I'm still a fangirl at 24, i'm just better at hiding it - if someone told you you'll grow out of that, they lied

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ohioisonfire: I love the fact that:My flat is like a familyOur flat has a group...


I love the fact that:

  • My flat is like a family
  • Our flat has a group message on facebook
  • My lecturers are amazing
  • I’ve made really close friends on my course
  • Morrisons is cheap and has great food
  • I’m surrounded by music lovers
  • My course is perfect for me
  • I get on the bus for free
  • I get…

This makes me so fucking happy you have no idea. So pleased it’s all worked out for you lass, and i cant wait to see you for gig fun!!!

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